Social Responsibility Projects

Women's Labor Platform:

We believe that Women's Labor is very valuable. We will stand by them and support them in the pursuit of social development. In this regard, we are in cooperation with “Kadınların Emeği Platformu

Herbasist and the Cystic Fibrosis Assistance and Solidarity Association joined forces and employed our health advisor to work cooperatively with pharmacists to raise public awareness on Cystic Fibrosis. Through the Herbasist products, we breathe in together with our children that suffer cystic fibrosis.

As part of this project, Cystic Fibrosis brochures and bag-size eau de colognes will be given away by pharmacies to raise public awareness. Furthermore, we will start a fundraising campaign for children that need treatment. Optional online training courses will be offered to our pharmacist partners.

Askıda Ne Var

We believe in the importance of supporting the young, the future of society. We are in collaboration with “Askıda Ne Var” to be there for the young in all kinds of activities where we will mentor or coach, and support them in their career.